The Fox Model CMS600 Constant Monitoring System

The Fox Model CMS600 system provides constant protection for the site against minor or major spills of water soluble products such as wine, milk, acids or alkaline products. The system is ideally suited for large or small applications such as chemical storage areas, battery rooms, tanneries, milk factories or vineyards. The system is designed to allow site runoff to flow to the stormwater network while constantly monitoring the quality.

The unit is fitted in a polyethylene chamber with a 600 square medium duty grate. A polyethylene silt basket is fitted below the grate to capture solids and free floating debris. This is removable for disposal of the captured pollutants. A Fox Model DV150 stormwater diversion valve is installed in the bottom of the chamber. A water quality sensor installed in the chamber detects the presence of any dissolved pollutants and can be calibrated to match site requirements. A stainless steel Control Panel is supplied containing all electrical control equipment as well as the Fox Demand Valve, RPZ, strainer and Constant Monitoring control unit. All washpoints must come from beyond this Panel Box. A water supply (min. 100 kPa) and 240 v AC power are required for the control panel which should be installed in a convenient location near the system. A ½” copper drive line and a 32mm electrical conduit are required between the control panel and the CMS600 chamber. The ½” copper drive line is the signal line that will activate the diversion of the unit when a demand for wash water is detected.

At the commencement of a rain event the CMS600 chamber fills to a level where the float is activated. As a cleansing procedure the system will divert the first one to four chambers (site specific) contents without activating the probe. After the first volume of runoff has been diverted the sensor probe will be activated each time the float is triggered; the quality of the runoff is checked before being released. Each time the CMS600 chamber fills the quality of the runoff is checked before being released. If the level of pollutants is of a concentration that is not suitable to be discharged to stormwater an alarm will be activated and the pit contents will be diverted to a holding tank. This process continues until the water quality is suitable to be discharged to the stormwater system. An option is available to totally isolate the site if a spill is detected to ensure that no further runoff can leave the area until the cause of the alarm is addressed.

When a wash operation is taking place the diversion valve will be held in an open position. At the end of the wash activity the valve will close. A ‘delay drop’ function will open the Diversion Valve once more after a 5 minute delay to allow drainage from the area to also be diverted.

The system will be installed by others in accordance with the instructions provided by Fox Environmental Systems at the time of ordering. Please refer to our drawing A4-SPEC-1011 for the CMS600 specification details and drawing A4-INST-1011 for typical installation requirements.

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Fox Environmental Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian owned & operated company established in Queensland in 1993, and was formally known as Trade Waste Diversion Systems, which began operations in 1978. The company mission is to provide a range of solutions for prevention of stormwater pollution from large open areas together with the treatment and recycling of waste water using Fox’s Australian manufactured products and other cutting edge technologies.