ESF - Bumpetz

We are pleased to announce our new range of patented anti-slip tactile corduroy trims (Bumpetz) which we believe will revolutionalise the safety alert industry. The anti-slip insters are available in any RAL colour as well as metallic luminous for safety areas.

Mixture Ratio: A:B = 100.50 (volume portions)
Solid Contents Resin 100%

Density (23o C / 50% RHA) approx 1.35 g/cm3

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ESF - LED Illuminated hand rails

Designed to fit into 38, 48 and 78mm diameter hand rail sections, ESF’s illuminated hand rail units provide a high performance lighting solution for the illumination of bridge decks, flights of stairs, and pedestrian/cycle routes.

Luminaire specification
◾6082 T6 single piece aluminium luminaire body, etched & polyester powder coated black.
◾IMS thermally managed PCB board c\w 3no. Luxeon Rebel LED’s & 18°, 25° or 34° optic packages.
◾ Brushed aluminium luminaire cover plate.
◾3mm polycarbonate, double UV stabilised, vacuum formed front visor.

Harness specification
◾24V DC luminaire supply harness with inbuilt LED drivers. Main harness constructed from 2.5mm sq. PTFE type C cable.
◾Self-compensating luminaire LED drivers encapsulated in silicone based nonhydroscopic compound.
◾Complete harness system enclosed within protective polypropylene based spiral wrap or polyamide 6 sinusoidal slit flexible conduit.

Power supply specification
◾24V nominal DC power supply, 10A or 20A, no load and short circuit protected.
◾Mounted in IP54 enclosure with suitable inlet and exhaust filters.
◾Protected via 6A type C MCB mounted in external enclosure.
◾Pre-wired with 2000mm of 3-core 1.5mm sq H07-RNF cable, fitted with 16A IP67 3 pin in line plug and socket.
◾500,000 MBTF.

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ESF - Linea railing

Enhanced version of the Trio railing, the Linea railing offers maximum safety protection thanks to its standard laser cut mesh and 4th bar in the lower part. Zinc-plated steel, painted in standard RAL colours. City aluminium top cap. Length: 1572mm.

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ESF - Railing with steel handrail

With a solid steel handrail and 35 x 35 x 3 uprights, these railings are the most solid products available. Available with/without end grips, with/without rosette. Individual or continuous. Zinc-plated steel, painted in standard RAL colours.

Centre feature - single cross or rosette design options available

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ESF - Polyurethane post and rail

The range uses engineering grade PU cast around a high quality inner steel core to provide a very tough, durable and low maintenance product.

A typical PU bollard weighs around 30% of the cast iron equivalent.

PU will not shatter under severe impact or corrode and provides improved tensile strength and resistance to abrasion.

ESF PU products are available in all RAL and BS colours, and are coloured through to the core to ensure no visible marks if damaged

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ESF - Jersey railing

Complementary to the safety railing, without the mesh.

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ESF - Diamond railing

Classic and elegant, the Diamond blends well with existing street furniture. Hard wearing, Zinc-plated steel, painted in standard RAL colours.

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ESF - Trio railing

Features a continuous line of integrating handrail suitable for many locations. Available in two lengths. Zinc-plated steel, painted in standard RAL colours.

Top cap options: City, Agora, Sphere and Europe

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ESF - Trio mesh railing

The Trio railing with mesh for areas requiring increased safety protection.

Top cap options: City, Agora, Sphere and Europe

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