The Fox Model BPT600 Gross Pollutant Trap

The Fox Model BPT600 is a baffled pollutant trap with a high flow by-pass. It is designed for use in open areas where trash and other debris cannot be controlled and a potential for minor quantities of hydrocarbons exists.

The unit has a controlled flow rate through the silt basket where trash and silt are removed.

Runoff then enters the main chamber and exits via the baffle, retaining minor quantities of hydrocarbons that may be present.

If the rain intensity exceeds the treatable flow rate, the high flow by-pass allows excess runoff to exit directly via the baffle. The Fox BPT600 has an efficiency of greater than 99% for the capture and retention of silts and solids smaller than 0.3mm

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Fox Environmental Systems

Burdens Australia are the proud West Australian distributor of Fox Environmental Systems.

Fox Environmental Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian owned & operated company established in Queensland in 1993, and was formally known as Trade Waste Diversion Systems, which began operations in 1978. The company mission is to provide a range of solutions for prevention of stormwater pollution from large open areas together with the treatment and recycling of waste water using Fox’s Australian manufactured products and other cutting edge technologies.