Concrete Canvas Ditch Lining on the Collie-Williams Highway

In January 2014, Concrete Canvas (CC) was specified to line a drainage ditch that runs alongside the Collie-Williams Highway in Collie, Western Australia. The client was Main Roads Western Australia and the installation was completed by Fulton Hogen. CC was selected due to the speed and ease of installation and to prevent scouring. Furthermore the narrow ditch profile made the use of traditional stone pitching (which has been installed in other parts of the channel) difficult or impossible.

GCCM Installation at Cunningham's Gap - Slope

In January 2014, a GCCM was used to remediate a section of slope adjacent to Cunningham Highway in Aratula, Queensland. The slope had suffered erosion caused by insufficient drainage. A solution was needed to protect the slope from further damage, as threatened to destabilise the adjacent road. Shotcrete had been considered to line the slope, but roadside barriers created issues with site access. The equipment and rebound associated with shotcrete could also cause delays and damage to the vehicular traffic using the road.

CONTRACTORS: McIlwain Civil, Hydrovac Excavations

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