Competitive advantage is vital to our continuing success, and Fox Environmental Systems acknowledges this with our process and designs being reviewed regularly. This ensures that we provide the latest & most reliable technologies available to satisfy changing customer needs. All Fox diversion systems are produced under the stringent requirements of the Australian Standard ATS 5200.0465 and are licensed to carry the prestigious Watermark Symbol, making them compliant with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS/ NZ 3500.2.

Industry affiliations are very important to this process and Fox Environmental Systems is proud of its long standing membership of the Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants (AHSCA), the Australian Water Association (AWA) and the Stormwater Industry Association (SIA) to mention a few.

Fox Environmental Systems has an extensive sales, service and distribution network throughout Australia with distributors in all states and sales outlets in over 400 locations. Together with our distributors in New Zealand, Canada and the U.S.A. we have sold & installed over 3,000 systems both here and over seas.

Fox enviro manufacture a range of systems including:
•Demand Driven Washdown Diversion Systems
•First Flush Diversion Systems
•Oil / Water / Solids Separators
•Constant Monitoring Diversion Systems
•Spill Control Diversion Systems
• Gross Pollution Traps
•Custom Treatment & Recycling Systems
•Silt Traps

Fox Environmental Systems Pty. Ltd. in conjunction with Burdens Civil is committed to you through quality and service and is dedicated to the protection of your business and the environment.

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