Track Access System (Universal)

Universal Track Access System is the latest addition to our range of track access equipment. It is our heaviest duty system yet and with our customary rapid installation time, we are confident that this system will provide a superb all round solution to the on and off tracking of road rail vehicles.

The new Universal Track Access System is ideal for renewals sites and will support wheeled and tracked machines up to 50 tonnes.

Please see the following specifications for more details.

•Ramp sections are no heavier than approximately 1.0 tonne per item.
•The full ramp kit consists of 2 outer ramp sections and 1 inner deck section with 2 dig to deck ramps.
•Standard ramp sections are 4 metres in length, but can be customised.
•Can be deployed in just 3/4 lifts by an excavator/crane with lifting chains.
•Flat manoevering deck area = approx. 3m x 2.3m
•Total Track Access System area when deployed is approx 4m x 3m.
•Grouser traction lugs on sloped sections.
•Recessed lifting hook chain points at centres of gravity.
•Can be utilised to on/off and cross track most types of road rail plant.
•Provides total rail head protection.

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